Make Poverty History

The issue: 30,000 people a day are killed by man-made poverty. It is our global system that keeps them trapped in this prison of poverty but by establishing fair trading rules, dropping unfair debts, and making aid work efficiently, man-made poverty can be eradicated, however, our governments stand in the way of this.

The Actions: The Make Poverty History ( campaign in 2005 was the biggest ever anti-poverty movement the world had ever seen. Mobilising millions of people around the world through the Live8 concerts and mass rallies, it strived to call our leaders to act against the terrible injustices that see man-made poverty kill 30,000 people a day. With the gap between the richest and the poorest getting bigger and bigger, the UK received the G8 in Edinburgh and had the opportunity to start to put things right. 225,000 people came to the rally in Edinburgh but, as Kumi Naidoo, the head of the Global Coalition said, “the People Roared but the G8 whispered”. We organised the youth area at the Edinburgh Rally and a few months later went on to hold 8 simultaneous parties against poverty in Cape Town, Lagos, Ibiza, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Edinburgh and New York.

It was an incredible year and although the politicians didn’t do much, our pants were born and there was no going back!

The result: Governments committed to small concessions on debt and aid and nothing on trade. But, excitingly, our pants were born!